Have you checked  the ingredients of the

 food you feed your fish?

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If not, Check  NorthFin™
100% premium grade fish food.

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100% Natural Color Enhancing Pellets

NorthFin™  fish food are made from the highest quality easily digestible marine ingredients with 100% natural color enhancers.

Professionally formulated and well balanced diets for wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish.

All NorthFin™  formulas are made using  Whole Antarctic Krill Meal, High Omega-3 (DHA) (Certified) Herring Meal and Whole Sardine Meal as the main ingredient.

Including large quantities of Kelp (Organic Certified), Natural Spirulina and Astaxanthin. Supplemented with Garlic, Calcium Montmorillonite Clay and Complete vitamin/ mineral mix.

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Northfin is using state of the art low heat Steam Extrusion process to manufacture Northfin™  fish food

Double screw Steam Extrusion is a gentle form of cooking which means beneficial nutrients are kept intact right through to the finished product
unlike conventional dry extruding process that degrades and destroys significant percentage of nutrients and vitamins.

NorthFin™  Facility are CFIA /USDA/FDA  certified.

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MadeInCanadaNorthFin™ – bringing manufacturing jobs home.