Here are some feedback we have received from people who are already using NorthFin’s premium fish food.

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Northfin does not clout the water.
Feeding underwater by Jay Wilson

Saltwater Northfin Review:

Krill Gold Formula By Sarah Long

Northfin fish food  Day 1  Cindy S.

Northfin fish food  Day 7  Cindy S.

Northfin fish food  Day 14  Cindy S.

Northfin fish food  Day 21  Cindy S.

Northfin fish food  Day 28  Cindy S.


Jay Wilson

Sarah Fin


Swimming Along

For a fairly new company it is rapidly becoming one of the bestsellers
on the market. I use all varieties to feed in the store fish as well
as my own at home. All natural, less filler than the more well known
brands, makes it more value for your dollar. Fish are active, healthy,
awesome colors. In my opinoin beats out full spectrum.

Lee Routhier Owner Swimming Along, Ridgeway ON


Advanced hobbyist, breeder.

I started using Northfin foods 7 months ago and all I can say is WOW. The fish go crazy as soon as it hits the water. Growth increase has been very noticeable and the colors have really popped since the switch. I am now using 4 of the formulas for all my 25 tanks and I have yet to find a fish or anything that rejects it. Cichlid for my cichlid tank and Syno petricolas. Community for all the livebearers, tetras, barbs and anything else in the tank. Marine for the marine tanks, and surprise of all surprises the Fu Man Chu lionfish loves this stuff. Never thought I would get him off live till he started eating the pellets meant for the clown. Lastly is the vegetable formula that I feed to all my shrimp and crayfish. Even the salt water urchins will eat it. I love this food and I and my fish are very pleased with the results of feeding Northfin has produced.

Frank Caputo

Advanced hobbyist, breeder.

I’ve been using your food as staple food for 12 weeks now ( krill and cichlid pellets, and kelp wafers ),and can’t say enough good words about it!
From outstanding color in my fish with feeding less food and the fish getting more protein and nutrients out of the food, which in turn equal cleaner water parameters,
Can’t wait for the gel foods to come in!
Shawn Noble, Toronto
Fish keeper and breeder for over 15 years!

Mail Order Pet Supplies

It is not very often that you find a new manufacturer producing anything in Canada, never mind producing items for the Aquatic Industry. That is why we were excited to see NorthFin,
a Canadian Manufacturer, getting established and introducing a premium line of fish foods to the Canadian market.
Their formulas are made of high quality and easily digestible ingredients (Whole Antarctic Krill, High Omega 3 Herring and Sardine Meals) and are hormone, filler and pigment free. The formulas also contain large quantities of Kelp (Organic Certified), Natural Spirulina and Astaxanthin and are supplemented with Garlic, Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (source of minerals) and Complete Vitamin and Mineral Mix. Because NorthFin formulas are free of fillers and contain easily digestible ingredients, feeding it will result in reduced waste, better health and full colour of your fish.
It has been over 6 months since we started carrying their aquatic foods and feeding them to our own fish so we can speak both from our own experience as well as for customers who provided us with their feedback
– this is a good quality pellet food!
Give this new line of foods a try. We think you’ll be happy with it — we are and so are our fishies.


Kerry’s Tank Raised Tropical Fish

I have recently tried some samples of NorthFin food, that I acquired from Angelfins.  I just had to let you know, that I feel you have a real winner, here. I have been keeping/breeding fish, for better than 35 years. I have kept Killies, off and on, for 15 years. These fish have a reputation for not eating prepared foods. Any serious Killie keeper, would tell you, you must feed live foods, supplemented with frozen, and occasional freeze dried. Flakes and pellets are a complete waste, sometimes taken into the mouth, and spit out, but more often, just ignored, and left to foul the water. I don’t know what compelled me to try it, but I put a few pellets of the small fish formula, into a tank containing a few Aphyosemion bitaeniatum Ijebu-Ode, and within seconds, I witnessed a female consume pellet after pellet, after pellet. Not one was spit out. At that moment, I was sold on this product. I have since, tried it on a couple of other Killie species that I am keeping, with the same results. My other fish, Angels, and Tetras, are liking it as well, but it is the Killies, that have me completely blown away. This product, has the potential, to revolutionize the hobby. It will greatly reduce the reliance on live and frozen food, not to mention, the time and cost savings, involved. My Fundulopanchax puerzli, attacking the small fish formula pellets, like it was live food.  Looks like they are trying to kill the pellets.  I have never seen anything like this before.  I have now, totally used up all of my samples, that I got except for a few pellets of the 1mm, Veggie formula.  My finicky carnivores (killies), that don’t eat prepared foods are now eating 1mm veggie formula pellets, willingly.  I never would have thought that this would be possible, but I have witnessed it, for three days straight, now.

 Kerry Williams, Victoria, B.C., Canada
Breeder/Wholesaler with over 35 years experience.

Advanced hobbyist, breeder.
Finally a company making what I consider to be the best food I have used. I have 20 aquariums and I care about my fish health. When I found out about “NorthFin” fish food with no fillers or artificial coloring I bought some right away.
The veggie one for my Tropheus and the Cichlid formula for the others.
I’ve never seen fish adapt so quickly when their food was changed. My fish are a lot more healthy and they really attack the food, gone in about a minute or less.
I’ve also noticed the amount of waste the fish produce is greatly reduced as there are NO fillers that other manufacturers use.
Its just a matter of time until everyone will be using it.
Paul Beaton, Mississauga

Advanced hobbyist, breeder.
I have been using Northfin on a trial basis for a few months now with excellent results. I initially tried it on selected fish but I have recently begun to use it exclusively in all of my tanks. A substantial amount of my stock is wild caught (Old World and New World) and they have taken to it right away. The food doesn’t hit the bottom of the tank and sit uneaten like my previous food or end up in my sumps, filters or sponges. Even my catfish and plecos swim up to get to it. This is fish food that my fish actually enjoy eating. Many of my fish that haven’t bred for me before are also currently holding or fanning eggs which I can only attribute to the conditioning quality of the food. On a personal note, I have known and dealt with Darius for close to 10 years. He is an ethical, avid collector, breeder and importer of fish with an impeccable reputation. This is premium fish food made using quality ingredients by an accomplished aquarist that I actually like and trust. His attention to detail by having local fish breeders, clubs, collectors, importers and stores test his product before selling to the public is also noteworthy of his character. I’m sold.
Michael McBride, Toronto
Hobbyist and breeder for over 30 years.


Advanced hobbyist, breeder.
I’ve been using Northfin for a couple months now and I notice a big difference in my Cichlids colors,
they go crazy for the food, and it keeps my tanks a lot cleaner.
I haven’t had any problems with bloat all my fish are healthy. This food is great i recommend it to all hobbyist
Nick Ricci, Toronto.

Wild Fish importer, wholesaler.
SFTL Aquatics

Fish are taking food well and we are using it now on all our stock and they are doing great.
I think you have a winner here and I will definitely recommend your food to all of our customers.
Owner of SFTL Aquatics, Markham
Costas Panageas.

Advanced hobbyist, breeder.

Wow! The response to the veggie pellets has been amazing in my tanks!
I have only used the Veggie formula so far.
My big Tropheus and Petrochromis attack the glass as soon as they see the green bag.
Please let me know when you make some veggie pellet at the 1mm size.
I’m keeping mainly Tropheus and Cyps at the moment. Getting into the Petrochromis now.
Kevin Desouza, Oshawa

Aquarium/Ornamental Fish Retail Store
Aqua Tropics
I have used the samples of NorthFin fish food and my fishes loved it, they were eager to eat it.
I also found that it did not cloud the water as some foods do. I would be interested in stocking NorthFin in my store.
Bob, Owner of Aqua Tropics store, Toronto


Advanced hobbyist, breeder.
I’m surprised how well all my fish took your food, I’ve tried NLS, Dainichi, Ocean Nutrition, Hikari and a lot of other brands and so far quite impressed with your veggie formula.
I have about 30 tanks so I’m looking forward to seeing the long term effects of your food.
Remage P. Toronto


Fish111 posted on pricenetwork.ca forum

“I’ve been using it for the last few months and my WC Moba and WC Mikula started breeding within a few weeks after feeding them with this. I’ve only had these fish for about 4 months so this speaks volumes on the quality of this food. I have 1 mm, 2 mm and 4 mm.
Even all my other fish are breeding like crazy. I’ve also noticed  better color in the fish and the fish waste has been greatly reduced.”


Ikola posted on pricenetwork.ca forum

“I was lucky enough to be used a guinea pig on some early runs of this product. I can tell you that it is honestly the best pellet that I have used in
over 25 years! You wont find a better diet for your Petros or Tropheus than this.”


Youfy posted on pricenetwork.ca

“I have about 200 tanks in my store, day 1 i received this product, went and fed all my fish from it. not 1 tank, sorry not 1 fish did not eat this food. That should tell u something guys!
what i also liked about the 1mm pellet size, its half the size of the NLS pellet size. It is excellent for feeding your fry fish from it as well and this way u avoid all fish bloat. i recommend it to all fish breeders out there!”


Steve posted on cichlidcircale.com

I switched over to NorthFin from NLS and Omega 1 and my predators LOVE it. Their colours are very vibrant and the fish are very healthy. No digestive problems whatsoever – lots of fish poo to vacuum every morning. The best part about it they offer a 3mm which is a perfect size for med and large cichlids.   Amazing Food!!!


Joe posted on cichlidcircale.com

I’m very impressed with the quality of this food. More important my fish are really loving it !!!


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